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2.8 (45 comments)

Review №1


The pharmacy is a complete joke. The people working at this location have no common sense whatsoever and are rude as hell. Had to call to cancel prescriptions and went elsewhere for them because of the incompetence of these people. Why does it always take over 45 minutes to get a prescription? I e seen buffalos move faster than these heifers. Avoid this store at all costs

Review №2


Go to a different location for your medications. Terrible service, me and my friends get notifications and texts telling us our meds are ready and when we get there the meds aren’t actually ready. The spider lash girl always has an attitude and most (not all) of the ladies there are rude and have a temper. The pharmacist is just as useless dealing with the issues and there have been times we had to get the actual manager because these techs are so incompetent. GO TO A DIFFERENT LOCATION I PROMISE YOU EVERYTHING WILL GO SMOOTHER. I had missing pills in some bottles and I’ve been given other people’s prescriptions. Very dangerous and irresponsible. I switched to cvs and have only had trouble once time. Only posting this because my friend called me to asked me where im getting mymeds because she just got screwed over with less pills in a bottle than she should have. Get better staff or train them properly.

Review №3


Just changed my preferred pharmacy with my doctors offices because of the very poor service Ive been receiving from this pharmacy. Two weeks ago we couldnt pick up Rx from the hospital because the pharmacy was temporarily closed and not from a meal break. Last week I waited two times in the drive thru to pick up an Rx only to be ignored for 15 minutes both times. No one acknowledged that I was there. No one answered the buzzer. Just ignored. Will not be returning to this location even though it is the closest to my home. Im done with them.

Review №4


Pharmacy: needs to reopen the Rx Drop off window again. Why was it taken away . I had to wait after 7 customers before I could turn in my prescription. I have shortness of breath because of asthma.Add more people to help after a Holiday. SMH… no efficiency in your planning.

Review №5


If i had a PENNY for every time a staff here was rude and dismissive of their disrespectful attitude, I’d be Jeff besos. The customer service here is atrocious. If you’re expecting respect you’re in the wrong place. Helpful? Sometimes. Not enough to make up for the other million things that make me not want to come back in here again.

Review №6


No matter what time of day you come either in the store or drive through prepare for atleast a 45 minute wait in the pharmacy to do anything. Absolutely ridiculous

Review №7


WORST pharmacy EVER! Ridiculously slow, inefficient service. THEY NEVER GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME and you wait for literally an hour at times.

Review №8


This walgreens Rocks 🎸, the photo lab department is awesome they took care of me in minutes 👌.....HIGHLY RECOMMEND LOCATION!

Review №9


Shame this location is having a hard time with the COVID vaccinations and getting hit hard in some reviews there, but I think its just limited availability and regulatory procedure that has their hands tied a bit in that regard.Outside of that aspect, this location is rather good in all the other usual things they do. Helpful staff. Well kept. Very good in offering savings if available. Selection could be a bit better but they do well for the size of the store. (Rating in regards to normal operation, above average but they dont always have everything.) Some wait time for the pharmacy, but its often busy vs. the number of people they have working. And the guy that I think is the owner/operator is very helpful and attentive as well. (If so, very hands-on on how the place is run. Does anything hed expect of the employees in the front.) Dont forget to give him a heads up on anything, and perhaps a word of thanks for all he does.

Review №10


Smh worse customer service.... Dont play with my medication smfh!!!!

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