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Phone: +1 847-945-0611
Site: https://www.walgreens.com/locato...
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  • Monday:Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday:Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday:Open 24 hours
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Total reviews rating 2.7

51 Reviews for Walgreens 2023:

Review №1


I would not go to this Walgreens. The cashiers are very incompetent . They are also very slow mentally. I am surprised that most of the cashiers are able to work there as they are so demented. The managers are very bad still. They will not help you. Terrible customer service. I had to drive 5 miles to CVS to get my prescriptions because the pharmacy kept messing them up. I would not recommend this Walgreens to anyone. The staff are so demented and they nor the managers care about helping you. They hire such slow people.

Review №2


I wrote each of them on the envelope as my doctor change the medicine to another company. I wrote down which medicine was for hypertension and hyperlipidemia and came home.When I came home ,I found that they exchanged medicine bottles. What happened ~~?They made such a ridiculous mistake. There are a lot of pharmacists, but I cant believe they made a mistake dealing with these significant drugs. unbelievable~!!!

Review №3


Horrible wait times. Zero customer service. Took my daughter here for a covid test with an appointment. Waited an hour to take the test. Waited five days for the results and found out they never sent them to the lab. Missed two days of school due to their incompetence. Avoid like the plague

Review №4


I came here to reload my pay pal card which cost me 3.95 because of the fee. Yet not one walgreens staff member knew how to do this transaction. Its a universal transaction. What a awful managament team where they cant even reach there cashiers to do the correct job. A high paced store yet fails to do its job. Pathetic. Just cant get good customer service anymore.

Review №5


Worst pharmacy ever!!!I was there for my buster shot and I wasn’t eligible yet because it wasn’t passed 6 months since my second dose. So I need it to wait one more weekI end up trying to schedule my buster through my NorthShore since I did both vaccines through them….. to find out that Walgreens actually put me down as I already received my buster shot Which I did not!!!So I’m training to talk to a pharmacist to have this issue fixedOn the phone for more than two hours no one picking up, and when it does they put me on hold for 40 minutes and after that they just hang up!!!So I guess I need to go back there to deal with it in person!!!!

Review №6


Great variety of beauty products! And the prices were lower than in other beauty shops. Often shop here for cosmetic products

Review №7


The very best Walgreens location I have ever seen. Facility itself almost feels luxurious and pp working here are very nice.

Review №8


I like to think of myself as a reasonable person and Im not one to bash a business, but this has gone on for too long and, frankly, enough is enough. I understand that this pharmacy probably fills 500 to 1000 prescriptions per day, but its obvious that they are operating like a unkempt machine that has little to no concern for their customers or reputation. I am only writing this review today because I genuinely feel that the staff at this pharmacy is overwhelmed and as a result have become jaded towards their customers. Each time I call I get thrown around on hold (lasting well over 30 minutes). Once Agnes or Krista or one of the dozens of the other pharmacists finally answer, they are rushing me off the phone as if Im inconveniencing them with a simply question about my medication. A change needs to be made and I dont think they will be making any in the nearby future.

Review №9


Very friendly,courteous and efficient staff at the Deerfield location. Its always a pleasure. The pharmacists are EXCELLENT!

Review №10


Nonexistent customer service, long wait and incompetent pharmacy staff. This is supposed to be their flagship store. They keep experimenting, cutting costs by hiring completely incompetent technicians who need to ask a pharmacist for everything. Most often there is ONE licensed pharmacist per shift. Whoever comes up with the strategy for this store operations should be fired. Screams incompetence. Needless to say - taking my business elsewhere.

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