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Phone: +1 815-544-4790
Site: https://www.walgreens.com/locato...
Opening hours
  • Monday:7AM–11PM
  • Tuesday:7AM–11PM
  • Wednesday:7AM–11PM
  • Thursday:7AM–11PM
  • Friday:7AM–11PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 3

45 Reviews for Walgreens 2023:

Review №1


Ive always had good experiences at this Pharmacy. Ive been going to it about 30 years and the people have always been helpful. Today a elderly man was checking out and having trouble. The cashier girl went out of her way to help him. She was really patient and kind.

Review №2


Did my first ever order online with Walgreens...The woman at the pickup counter told me that I must have hit some button too soon or done something wrong because it had been sitting there for 14 minutes.She said youre NOT supposed to hit the button until you get there and I tried to explain to her that in the email it actually says to click on my way and then it pops up and gives you three separate time choices 5 10 or 15 minutes as it relates to how far away are you. I clicked the 10 minutes as I was 10 minutes away! She insisted upon telling me that I did something wrong.So goofy!

Review №3


Scheduled the second dose of the Covid vaccine for my child. When we get there they conveniently have no record of his appt and refuse to work us to get him vaccinated. It’s ridiculous. Wouldn’t recommend this place…especially the pharmacy and pharmacists to anyone. They are self centered and don’t do a thing to try and help anyone but themselves out.

Review №4


Ive havent been super fond of their pharmacy for awhile but this review is actually about the stores night time service. Went over about 9:30pm just to get pedialyte for a sick child. The cashier Melissa took forever talking to the only other guy in line who was buying nothing but 2 cases of cheap beer. Then she started in trying to get him to apply for a walgreens credit card, knowing Im standing there holding pedialyte thats clearly for someone sick. When I finally get up to make my purchase she starts unrolling change into her drawer. By this time its almost 10pm at night. They close at 11pm and there isnt any other customers in the store. She seemed to be clearly holding me up and enjoying every minute of it. Sadly next time Ill take my business to Walmart even though Im not especially fond of them.

Review №5


Always pleasant and helpful. The pharmacy staff should get an award for how helpful they are.We appreciate you!

Review №6


Worst experience everytime I use this pharmacy. Definitely dont use their drive thru for prescription pickup. They dont care how long youve been in line, theyll help people in one line and ignore the other.

Review №7


Worst pharmacy I have ever dealt with. My medication was not in stock on Wednesday and said it would be ordered and in on Thursday. Called on Thursday to check on the status and it had not even been ordered yet and told it would be ordered then and be in Friday. No apology or reassurance that it would be taken care of. Then the third time I spoke with someone they let me know the medication is actually on backorder and unavailable until the end of the month. I suggested they communicate between their team more effectively since I can’t get a straight answer from anyone. She simply stated I will let them know, is there anything else I can help you with. Worst customer service. I stopped using Walgreens a few years ago because of their incompetence. Figured a simple eye drop would be simple. Again they have proven their unworthiness and will again be taking my business elsewhere.

Review №8


This Walgreens is clean inside although the parking lot can use some attention. I do believe they are understaffed as every time I go there I end up waiting. I actually avoid this location if possible and have moved my medication to another pharmacy entirely as the waiting has become too much. I understand that there may be times when things take longer but no matter when you go, no matter the reason you end up waiting at least 15 minutes, usually longer.

Review №9


New Staff is doing much better now, My initial review is below. The new Pharmacists stay on top of things and take care of their large customer base in the area.Old Review 11/2017This is the worst Walgreens Pharmacy I have ever been too. Pharmacists are rude and customer service is horrible. They take forever to fill prescriptions and if there is a something wrong with the prescription they will fill it and not notice there has been a problem. I go all the way to Rockford and have them filled now.

Review №10


So this location is like any another. They offer printing services and FedEx services, for some reason they can not print the shipping label. Had to go all the way to Rockford to return a package just because it was delivered by FedEx. This is bs.

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