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Phone: +1 630-898-3431
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Total reviews rating 3.1

36 Reviews for Walgreens 2023:

Review №1


They either need more staff or more competent staff. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t even expect my prescriptions to be ready when I pull up. It’s either they didn’t run the right insurance, lost the script, can’t find the medicine, or it takes hours longer than they say. They are rarely ever on the same page with each other, like each one runs their own pharmacy, and I’ve been told by other pharma staff that information I was told was wrong because the person who told me was confused or new.I’m going to switch my pharmacy and drive further in hopes I don’t have these issues at other places.My wife just called and the staff told her they were about to get the medicine ready, so I left expecting 30 minutes but now the medicine is ready now.

Review №2


No matter the time of year this Walgreens is always slacking in the pharmacy and photo section. Their 1hr pickup for simple photos takes way longer than an hour or they never received the order even after a confirmation email was sent. This has happened 3 different times now. I avoid this location as much as possible.

Review №3


Wasn’t planning on switching pharmacies until my current one changed manufacturers for my medication - my body didn’t react well to it, so I had to find a pharmacy who had the same manufactured pill. I spoke to Dolly on the phone and told her my issue and she was SO sweet and patient and caring. Not only that, but my problem was solved while she checked in a few times with their pharmacist to get the answers I needed. I’ve worked in customer service for 15 years and I can easily say that she does it right! I felt so much better after speaking with her and look forward to using this pharmacy from now on. Thanks again, Dolly. You really helped a ton and you made my day. ♥️

Review №4


Greetings as soon as you enter from the cashier. The checkout associate always asks if you found everything that you came for. When I didnt, she located what I needed,- even if the item was at another location or store. They always ask if you want to use your Walgreen credits AND let you know if something is on sale!Great Salespeople.

Review №5


Claire who works at the pharmacy went above and beyond for me!! Had to deal with incredibly rude people on the phone working out insurance and doctors problems for me. Even waited on hold and got hung up on but still stuck it out for me and delivered the best possible service she could. So grateful for people like her working at the pharmacy looking out for us.

Review №6


The Associate in the Photo Dept w/the ponytail and bad mascara around 4pm 4.1.21 was less than helpful and didn’t even attempt to assist a Customer when the margins of a project were messed up during printing. On 3.31.21 the same prints printed pink on some and white on the others which is what I needed assistance with. Of course I left without my order and received much better service 4.2.21 at the Aurora Farnsworth location from Store Leader Jazmine who obviously cares more and is more experienced.

Review №7


Worst pharmacy ever go elsewhere every month they dont have my rx in stock they sent me to another Walgreens who said it was in stock and they didnt have it the people behind the counter are extremely rude and obviously under qualified to make a phone call take your business elsewhere

Review №8


Great store but theres always an obnoxious man outside begging for change, ruins the experience/trip.

Review №9


The actual store is fantastic. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the pharmacy. I’ve been going to this pharmacy for years, and recently, I feel like they’ve been lacking. I had a prescription down for multiple refills, and when I went to refill the next time, the tech or whoever made an error and completely erased the rest of my refills so I had to contact my doctor. It’s not that huge of a deal, but issues like this have happened on multiple accounts. To make things worse, when I confronted them about this, they shifted the blame to me saying it was my fault, when in reality I have no control over my refills. The fact that they wouldnt just admit they made a mistake and move on was extremely unprofessional. Id be extremely hesitant to trust them with more serious medications.

Review №10


Update: Not sure you would take a portion of my review and repost it. But you completely missed the point. Just so that you know a complaint has been filed with Walgreens. Learn how to treat your customers and learn what privacy is.Original Post:I had and interesting and somewhat confusing experience with the pharmacy at this location. I went to pick up my prescription, which was birth control.When I got there they had 2 prescriptions completed for me. One was an old brand, the other was the new brand my doctor had recommended for me. Unsure of which was the correct one, I asked the pharmacist if she could take it out of the bag and so that I could verify which was correct. The cashier/pharmacist did so quickly and in a discreet manner. Which I understood because there was a line behind me and others waiting in the area. All was good. Then it took a strange turn. As I was completing the transaction I notice the cashier hands a prescription to another pharmacist behind the counter and says this one too. I assumed it was the prescription that was filled incorrectly and she was simply going to put it back or dispose of it. But no, as Im paying, I hear the lady say loudly SO THIS IS ANOTHER FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL... Now I remind you, the area was busy w/patrons in line behind me and others in the waiting area. Not understanding what exactly was happening I immediately interrupted the woman holding the prescription and ask the cashier a question unrelated to my prescription, but in essence to change the subject. The cashier responds, I finish paying, grab my bag, believing it also contained my prescription and leave the store. As I get to the parking lot and review the contents of my bag I realize that my prescription is not in the bag. Confused I go back into the store, at this point realizing the cashier/pharmacist handed MY prescription to the woman that proceeded to announce to the everyone that my prescription was another form of birth control. Go back to the counter the same pharmacist who handled my transaction was there and directed me the the side cashier. Where the women who made the announcement, still had my prescription. She says to me I tried to call you. I responded, because I was still a bit confused by their actions...you were just a bit loud. She then proceeds to explain all of the side effects of my medications before giving me the bag. I listen politely, after shes done I say, right, the same as the other one. Now, typically when I pick up a prescription, I just get asked if I have any questions and nothing else. Is this a new procedure? Because this felt wrong and it felt like it violated some privacy laws. Dont get me wrong theres no shame in birth control. We all know there are a variety of reasons women take them. But the actions these older women took in this case just felt strange and like a violation of my privacy. Considering moving to another pharmacy.

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