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3.7 (119 comments)

Review №1


I have been to Valley Nails many times. When they first opened, I felt the service was great! Friendly, efficient and I was always happy with my nails. Recently, I have left the spa more than disappointed. It seems they have hired a whole new staff that simply lack the skills. My last visit I requested dip with colorful tips. I showed the tech a picture for reference and he said he could do it. As of recently, it seems they’re always wandering around looking for the colors (I have had to change my color in the past because they could not find it). When he finally found the colors he got started, but was very chatty with the tech next to him. As he was doing the SECOND coat he asked the tech next to him to look at his work and then told me it was all uneven and he couldn’t do it. So frustrating. He had to dip my full nail. I wish I had requested a tech that could complete the service I requested. My nails were sooo thick, cuticles were barely treated and I had the dip powder all over my hands. Ugh!

Review №2


Super clean place! Recommend Lucy 100% she’s really sweet and always does an amazing job on my nails. Love my nails done by her so much. it’s never uncomfortable at Valley nails. They all are very nice and welcoming !

Review №3


This is my 5th time visiting this nail salon. I usually receive good service but during my last visit I received very subpar service. A nail tech named Can did my nails. I requested that he make my real nails stronger and use a no chip polish. Two days after getting my nails done they are already breaking off and chipping. I returned to see what they can do to repair my nails and I was told that should have requested a different service instead of no chip as my nails are weak. So now I’m out of about $60 for a bad no chip manicure that lasted barely a day although I ask Can to make my nails stronger and he replied “don’t worry he will fix my nails”.

Review №4


I went in to go get a no chip manicure and regular princess pedicure on June 18, 2022. First off I was NOT at ALL relaxed during my stay since they decided to RUSH everything and do my mani & pedi at once. I was leaned on the chair on one side so one lady can work on my hands while the other one worked on my feet. The lady doing my pedicure cut my toe nails when I did not want them cut, I wanted them filed and they were left looking short and ugly. while the lady working on my no chip manicure who was also rushing forgot to put clear coat on 4 of my fingers on my right hand. I was waiting for my toes to dry and the women who did my manicure came up to me, pulled the flip flops off my feet and told me my nails were dry after waiting 10min, she smudged 2 of my toe nails (: I noticed at night that there wasn’t any clear coat on 4 of my fingers since everything was so hectic at the salon I ended up having to go back the next day June 19, 2022. Again, they were rushing and someone else fixed the lady’s mistake with my manicure. Due to the man who was now fixing the nails was also rushing, my middle finger had bubbles in it and peeled off the same day, this man’s name in CAN. I have never in my life gotten my nails done and had them ruined on the SAME DAY. I have gone to over 20 different nail salons and this service is by far the WORST.

Review №5


My friend and I went to get dip manicures and no chip pedicures for our vacation. While I was getting my white dip the tech was rushing and the customer service was terrible. Four days into our vacation my nails began to turn from white to yellow. It seems as though there might have been an issue with the top coat that was put on my dip. My friends nails did not turn yellow or have any issues. I called them as soon as I returned from my vacation and explained my entire situation. I spoke to Amber over the phone and was told to come that I could come so she could fix them for me (Amber). When I go in asking for Amber they told me she was not working. Therefore, I had to reexplain my entire situation and they agreed to help fix them. They decided to shave off the top coat and continue to put new layers of dip over what I had but excluded the new areas that had growth. The nail tech was brushing off the extra dip and got lint on my nails! Instead of trying to fix that she covered it with another layer of dip. They seemed to have no idea what they were going to do to fix it and everything was continuing to get worse. That’s when I decided to request to just get the dip removed all together. I did not even have my nails on for 2 weeks and they were ruined 4 days into my vacation. Horrible experience and waste of money!

Review №6


Just terrible awful!!! I called and booked an appointment the receptionist never booked my appointment. I waited 45 minutes just to be seen. I got a pedicure with no chip polish and a full set fill in. The week overpriced but I gave them a chance. The nails looked great that day but within 4 days one of the nails had came off. I went back and they said they dont guarantee their work. The fixed my nail and charged me $5. Within the next week 2 more nails had fallen off. The guy that did my fill in did not do the best job Ive never had that happen to me when I would get a fill in they would last me at least 3 weeks. I gave this place a chance but they failed. I will not return!!!

Review №7


Took me and my husband here for pedicures and I got a full acrylic set and I must say I am really satisfied with their work. This was our first time going here so we were skeptical but the staff were nice and took good care of us. My husband has bad feet, he walked out with them feeling and looking 10x better.

Review №8


I went in for dip powder and a pedicure on Monday Feb 28th. I got there 2 hrs before closing but I quickly could tell they were rushing and very inattentive to my pedicure and dip removal. They were so into theirs own conversation (one person on my hands one on my feet) that the lady wasn’t even looking at my feet. I should’ve moved on then. My nails ended up looking nice. Well, they explained my feet were dry and my dip powder. I paid and got home to notice my feet smudged (no biggie). I’ll call. Well Tuesday night one of my dip nails broke. I called Wednesday morning but told them I couldn’t come in. I called Friday to come in. All I asked was for 1 repair (though I had a crack in another). I asked if I could pay for no chip toe polish at the normal price. 20 instead of the change polish fee 30. She said no. Hmm. Someone pays over $100 for services and tip and gets an attitude and you’ve should’ve been careful followed by there is no manager you can talk to.Save your time! Try another spot with better customer service and skill

Review №9


Really nice place! They did great job! Many choices for the deep powder and no chip color! They use new tools each time which is very clean! People are friendly there also professional! Love this nail salon!

Review №10


Been to many places and I found the one I like the most ! I get the dip. Everywhere else the dip would crack after a week or so, whenever I get my nails done at valley, I never have any issue !!! Very happy!!!! I found my forever place. Had my nails done 4 times at Valley already and happy every time !!!

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