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Phone: +1 630-236-8870
Site: http://www.thecosmeticscompanyst...
Opening hours
  • Monday:11AM–8PM
  • Tuesday:11AM–8PM
  • Wednesday:11AM–8PM
  • Thursday:11AM–8PM
  • Friday:10AM–9PM
  • Saturday:10AM–9PM
  • Sunday:10AM–6PM
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Total reviews rating 3.7

44 Reviews for The Cosmetics Company Store 2023:

Review №1


The store loses reputation when there is bad customer service. Unfortunately there are people who bring there baggage from home to work. I didnt care to get her name. I just want to say that when your in the business of service try to not be so defensive when asked a question you are here to serve and if cannot, then live and dont give the company you work for a bad name.. if that makes sense I ended up seeking advice from someone who was customer service based. Thats not to say you have to be super nice and friendly 😊 although a plus.. I ended up speeding 100+ dollars and happy with my purchases but for reference I could of walked out of the store 😅 they would of lost the sell.. I carry an amazing attitude.. thats not everyone... leaving this here and making a phone call to corporate 🙃..Aside from that the store carries amazing deals and great products. They currently have discounts on every shelf.. run to this location and get your deals on quality products. 🤩Everything looks so pretty in the package 📦 😍

Review №2


All the products are great, but there are 2 ladies that are super rude, the first time I went in I thought they were having a bad day, but I guess that’s how they are. They treat the customers horrible. They should look for a job they enjoy. I did not go in to get anything free!!! I went to buy. It’s a shame that they treat people are so bad. I forgot to ask their names I left the store feeling sad. There were 2 other younger ladies, much kinder.

Review №3


Was there on memorial day. one young white lady with dark hair was rude always turning around and running away when I asked her questions. She made me move to the end of the line when the other counter was obviously open to which the other lady called me thankfully. Also I saw her being openly judgmental( or racist )towards one black senior lady who then defended herself. Never met rude staff in a cosmetics shop like thus one first time shopping here

Review №4


Love the deep discounts, hate that you cant swatch anything right now. Thats common now, but the thing is you cant return anything. Bought 2 shades didnt work, thats it! So right now, its a great place to buy shades you already know that they work for youEdit: you can now swatch shades on your hand.

Review №5


Its my favorite place to shop for make up! Great price and awesome service.The ladies are very sweet and helpful.Daisy has crazy product knowledge and super friendly!Elizabeth was also very kind.Would definitely recommend to my friends~

Review №6


I have visited this store twice since covid.Manager has been overly rigid about rules of social distancing. She firmly told us to social distance when someone walked close to me to the point of making me feel uncomfortable and unwelcome in this store. Customers are good for say the mask is like spitting thru a large holed wire fence. The virus gets thru.Lighten up...act like I am a pain when I come and you will lose me as a faithful customer. I didnt touch anything...I followed your rules, now please respect me! Dont treat me like I walk in w the plague!!!!

Review №7


Very helpful friendly staff! Find great deals there!

Review №8


Great deals on all my Favs!

Review №9


Went to buy my favorite color MAC lip gloss and I noticed it wasn’t out on the floor. I asked the lady (Sheila) that was working behind the counter for my color and she had it available behind the counter.I like to stock up because I don’t get out much due to a physical disability. So I asked to purchase (4). She rudely responded NO that I can’t have that quantity.I asked why? She replied... your buying them to resell them. I asked her... what are you taking about?She said, they don’t sell the products for customers like me to come buy large quantities and resell them.I told her that I don’t have the ability and wouldn’t think of reselling them because it’s my favorite color and I have a hard time getting out because I can’t walk a lot due to my physical issues.She muffled... I’ll sell you (2) but that’s all I will sell you. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!!!!!Aren’t they in business to sell makeup, skin care, perfumes and any other beauty products they carry in their store?What business is it for hers on how many I want to purchase to stock up on my favorite color lip gloss?Who cares on the quantities that the consumer wants? If they want the sale to make money than they shouldn’t be so nasty and ugly about people buying more than (1) quantity!Unbelievably RUDE!!! And quite frankly she didn’t give a damn that I was trying to stock up to make it easier on me since I can’t get the mall very often!!!My advice..... RUN!RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM THIS STORE AND DO NOT GIVE THEM THE BUSINESS.!!!It’s quite clear that they don’t appreciate and care about sales and the consumer that pays for their jobs....

Review №10


This is one of my favorite stores and I visit often. They have an amazing selection of products but most importantly, friendly staff. I have worked with Daisy O multiple times and she is nothing but helpful, kind and very friendly! I love being able to go into a store and chat with employees that are relatable and know their stuff. The entire staff is good at letting you browse and shop (there is a TON to look at) but also balancing that with asking if you need help with anything. Id like to say I know my stuff when it comes to cosmetics from previously working in the industry but I think its great that when I overhear a customer ask the staff for helping looking for that perfect lipstick shade or foundation, they are ALWAYS willing to help with a smile on their face. Thank you to Daisy O and the rest of the staff for exceeding my expectations when it comes to a retail shopping experience!The store is clean, well stocked and has great deals. My favorite products to brands to purchase here are Tom Ford, Smashbox, and Glam Glow. They even have Beautyblender here! I will be shopping again...and again...lets be honest...I am here like every other day and I love it!