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Phone: +1 815-439-6940
Opening hours
  • Monday:8AM–10PM
  • Tuesday:8AM–10PM
  • Wednesday:8AM–10PM
  • Thursday:8AM–10PM
  • Friday:8AM–10PM
  • Saturday:8AM–10PM
  • Sunday:8AM–10PM
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Total reviews rating 4.1

199 Reviews for Target 2023:

Review №1


Did a drive up order at this store - 11 items. When I arrived home, I realized 2 of 11 items were completely left out - not marked as stock issues, just completely left out while I was still charged. 20% of my items, nearly 40% of what I spent on the order. Gross.

Review №2


They don’t answer the phone. It’s 6:42 pm and no department is picking up the phone. I’ve called 5 times and it just rings in all departments until it reaches a certain point and cuts you off. Don’t shop there. Worst customer service!

Review №3


Smaller selection but very clean and well stocked. Surprisingly long lines for both self checkout and cashers.

Review №4


It happened 01/12/20. My delivery was 6 miles away from here. I was out of time and parked in front of main entrance at 03:30am. I woke up at 12:30pm. During my sleeper time SOMEBODY STOLE my product. Three Pallets and half of two pallets gone. I found my seal on the floor and I called police. BE CAREFUL Truck drivers!!!

Review №5


My most recent visit to Target was a great success. Not only did I find that perfect gift for someone special at such a great deal, I was able to get items that I routinely use at a discounted price as well. The associate that helped me was very kind and knowledgeable. My checkout experience was pleasant and quick. Store is always clean, clearly labeled and well stocked. I enjoy my shopping experience at Target every time I shop!

Review №6


This is a good Target store. Good service. Well stocked. Clean. See photos.

Review №7


I love target just dont like how the cashier treated me, while I paid for my merchandise with my Target gift cards, bar code was not coming up, so she had to enter the number. She didnt want to she kept saying we cant do it like this, and I told her it was done before. She was not a happy camper. She had bad vibes.

Review №8


Targets whole thing in June is their Pride section. This store has like 5 pride shirts and that’s it. No mugs, pillows, notebooks, candles etc. I was SO excited to get some representation at a reasonable price, especially since I saw other Targets including flags not usually seen by big business, but apparently this particular target doesn’t believe in that. There’s still a TON of Red White and Blue junk but virtually nothing for Pride. Not coming here again. I’m so disappointed in this location.

Review №9


I hate this place, the staff are terrible, they sell expired food. And their bathrooms are filthy.

Review №10


I love coming to this Target. The people are very helpful and very nice the place is very clean! I was in a long line and the one girl told me to come in her lane and shell check me out, I think that was pretty nice of her because she was getting ready to go on brake.

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