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3.5 (80 comments)

Review №1


Im super impressed. I stopped by to get a new sim card to switch over my phone from sprint to Tmobile service. I had the pleasure to have seen Victoria the service representative. She made everything so easy and she was really nice. Also she was very knowledgeable about everything. Also she answered all of my questions regarding not only the transfer over but also all of my questions. I was very lucky to have chosen this location to stop at. Needless to say I will not go to any other store location as long as I can get this kind of wonderful service. Thank you very much for making it a very enjoyable experience.

Review №2


Worst customer service ever. While I was speaking to one of the sale associates the manager was standing over his neck giving him all the answers in a rude way. She was speaking to her associate and the customer in a disrespectful way. I am a long term Sprint customer with over ten years of tenure, so when T mobile merge with them I tried to give it a chance however is all about taking your money with T Mobile and they are not concerned with how the customer feels. My phone was stolen and I needed a new one to communicate, so I got a new one. My first mistake was going to that store, horrible customer service, please don’t go to that store if you value good customer service.

Review №3


Pretty straight forward if youre prepared and know exactly what youre looking for. But if youre a novice you may leave frustrated. Tech these days is more and more advanced/ complicated so a store (where the primary objective is to sell you stuff) may not be the best place to take up a lot of time asking questions. Best to do research on your own. The store is often crowded and the employees are payed partially by commission so theyre incentive is to sell you stuff and move on to the next cx.Again, thats not my experience, because I walk in knowing what Im looking for. But a casual shopper may not have as nice of an experience.

Review №4


Trying to do a simple return. Been waiting over 30 minutes so far.Tried to give No Stars but you have to, in order to post.Since no response back from my email to T-Mobile. Poorest Customer Service. Soon we will be switching carriers.

Review №5


Pleasant visit. Adriana and Vivian were nice young ladies. They helped me with my phone and also got a watch. Nice girls cool spot

Review №6


Horrible experience. Waited over 45 minutes while they completed taking care of one customer. Just wanted to get air pods. When it was finally my turn, one employee decided to take care of the last person to come because he only wanted an accessory. This customer also refused to wear a mask, even after being told to put one on by the employees. Several of us in line protested, as most of us also just wanted something simple. Even the other employee told him to take care of the rest of us first. He refused saying he wanted to get that guy out of the store since he wouldn’t wear the mask. So, the person who refuses to follow the rules and laws gets rewarded while the rest of us are made to wait even longer. I left without making a purchase. I’ll take my business elsewhere.

Review №7


Excellent customer service each of the three times we have shopped in this store, since June 2020. The employees are friendly, knowledgeable, and make us feel like they are happy to wait on us, answer questions, etc. Today William helped my wife, and she was struck by his knowledge and willingness to answer her questions in a friendly, unhurried, and professional manner. Kudos to the team at 10312! We go out of our way to shop here now because of the awesome employees and customer service, even though we have a T-mobile store just two blocks away from our home. (Their customer service leaves much to be desired.)

Review №8


Sales Rep. was very knowledgeable and professional with what she was informing me with, got straight to the point, made it simple and easy for me.

Review №9


I visited the store today with multiple issues (downloading, storage, syncing). After being greeted very courteously and serviced after a brief wait, Jonathan serviced me. Jonathan was courteous and patient despite other persons waiting. He was calming and professional. I was impressed with his demeanor and adherence to my concerns unlike another store visited that just wanted to sell me a new phone. I recommend strongly Jonathan as a manager/trainer of other employees at locations. I would highly recommend T-Mobile as a mobile carrier and recommend friends to specifically make purchases through Jonathan for mobile service needs. Kudos to this employee.

Review №10


Number one I hate cell phone stores, it always seems like a lengthy process with rude customer service. This time was different, Yesenia helped me with such patience even after I showed up with little information in an effort to get into my locked work phone. She tried to help me find the information needed from my employer, she never said, well I cant help you then, she offered me next steps and even helped me connect with someone that could help me with my tech issue. I didnt purchase anything from the store but the professionalism didnt stop. No sale yet phenomenal service. Ill be sure to refer all my TMobile/Sprint folks for future needs! Thank you Yesenia!

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