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Phone: +1 618-465-9977
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Tuesday:Closed
  • Wednesday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Thursday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Friday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Saturday:10AM–7:30PM
  • Sunday:11AM–5PM
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Total reviews rating 3.9

72 Reviews for T D Nail Spa 2023:

Review №1


I moved back to Alton last year & TD has definitely become my new go-to nail salon. The location is convenient, the shop is clean, everyone is kind, and every design idea Ive brought to them theyve knocked out of the park. I usually would only get regular matte black nails, but when I brought them the spiderweb & black tip idea they did so amazingly. I got compliments every day at work, even when they were 4 weeks old and very grown out people still loved them. They also last a long time and stay strong. Due to my very busy schedule I didnt get a chance to get back in before I had some breakage on my last set, but it took 5 weeks (of work, motherhood, and even helping family members move) for one to break, which in my opinion is awesome.Thanks so much TD! Youve definitely got a repeat customer in me, and Ill see you in a few weeks (hopefully sooner than last time!)

Review №2


$100 for what?I made a same day appointment, and needed a fill, and two broken nails replaced. The young man cut off one of my nails (now 3 have to be replaced!). I don’t get polish or fancy decals or artwork, but I got charged $100 for a fill with clear powder, replacements and clear gel top coat. I moved back to Alton in January from Los Angeles. My natural nails have been from very short to very long and NEVER have I ever paid $100 in ALL of the time that I have gotten my nails done in L.A. I need to find a nail salon in St. Louis!🙄

Review №3


Worst nail salon experience Ive had in life.....from the lack of filing drilling and polishing. The quality was poor...and the patients and attitude of the nail tech concerning how I want my nail done was unacceptable. Wont go in to detail to much..but I will say this I wouldnt recommend this salon to anyone. $80.00 WAISTED

Review №4


If you call ahead they will tell you a time to come in when wait isnt long.Have lots of gel colors to pick from.The owner will talk to you, and you can tell he takes pride in his business.

Review №5


Had my nails powdered dipped about 5 weeks ago and it lasted for almost 20 days before I had to go back. The guy dipped it like 4 times on each hand so it was very thick and done well. Went back a little over a week ago, had it done, same guy dipped my nails and he rushed through it, dipped them only twice per hand. The very next day, 3 of my nails chipped and I called to complain. The woman told me to come in and they will fix it. So I went back and they did fix it free of charge but less than 48 hours after that I had 4 nails chipped again. All the 3 they fixed and a new one. Won’t be back. Spend too much money for not good quality.

Review №6


Brian did a fantastic job on me and my granddaughters nails 💅 😍. Thank you Brain we absolutely love them ❤

Review №7


Good customer service. Affordable prices. Beautiful nail and art design 👌

Review №8


Took my grand daughter for her homecoming following recommendations from friends. Very disappointed she had a gel manicure and pedicure done she was nicked twice and bleeding from the dremel the girl used.

Review №9


I live around the corner and usually have a personal mail tech info to in saint louis. I came here just for a polish change for a date night the same night. I usually get gel but since I’ve never been here I chose regular polish. I chose a yellow and the tech told me they would have to put white on the bottom so you wouldn’t see through it which I understand I’ve had it before. I asked to have my big toes painted half white and yellow. The tech spoke her language to another co worker who then came over and told me it wouldn’t look right and would look crazy and it would be different with gel. I told them don’t worry about it I normally get gel but I didn’t want them doing my gel I just needed a polish for the night. I needed up just having her do the white. I could have saved my money and did it myself. I won’t ever be back for anything. I work too hard for my money to pay for anything less than amazing service.

Review №10


My friend and I went here for the first time and had gel manicures. They did a great job, loved the color. It was busy but definitely worth the wait

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