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Phone: +1 618-833-4634
Opening hours
  • Monday:Closed
  • Tuesday:9AM–5PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–5PM
  • Thursday:9AM–5PM
  • Friday:9AM–5PM
  • Saturday:9AM–3PM
  • Sunday:Closed
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Total reviews rating 4.6

25 Reviews for Salon Euphoria, LLC 2023:

Review №1


I ❤️ my haircut!!! Such a pretty and relaxing atmosphere and Rachel was great!!!

Review №2


Lovely relaxing ambiance, and expert stylist. Rachael uses Aveda products.

Review №3


Whitney and all the amazing women at Salon Euphoria provide such a great experience every time! They are always able to accommodate my scheduling needs. Its like spending the afternoon with friends. The salon is always clean and the atmosphere is relaxed and super friendly! So happy to have found the best hair salon in Southern Illinois!

Review №4


The compliment I receive from most people is that they love my hair. Obviously, I always tell them I have the best beautician. Ive been a client of Rachel Bonner for as long as I can remember! Thank you for always making me look my best!

Review №5


So I held out basically all year long to see my stylist back home, then was recommended to go to Salon Euphoria. I completely understand mistakes happen. But the dye job I had wasn’t even a small mistake, my hair is basically the complete opposite of what I wanted and showed to the stylist. My light brown hair is completely gone. I had brown hair at the top with grown out golden light brown hair from my ears down. It needed to be touched up, but I also wanted my hair to be 1 color... that color being a golden toned light brown.She started out by putting highlights in my hair, thoughtfully said we should add brown to my roots and to the hair parts she did not highlight to achieve more of an overall color. After we washed my hair and blew dry it my hair came out very dark brown. I’ve never box dyed my hair in my life, but I have no doubts that this tacky/trashy hair color could have easily been achieved with box dye. I look rough and embarrassing, especially considering the fact I have important meetings coming up within the next few days. The stylist said “I feel so bad and I don’t know how this happened” also went on to tell me I can come back in for highlights before she goes on vacation. Not trying to be rude, but if you have no idea how we went to dying my light brown/warm toned hair to dark ashy/cool hair why in the world would I want anyone from this salon to touch my hair again. This took up a good majority of my afternoon and cost me $180 for something I didn’t want and quite frankly doesn’t look very appealing. Again I understand mistakes happen, but my hair is not even comparable to what I asked for and I have never acted this way about anything. I am really upset this happened and do not recommend this place. I have pictures and will post them.

Review №6


I have never been one to have a regular hair place until now. Lush salon is amazing, I go to Christina and shes great- she fixed color gone wrong and always makes sure to cut/color like you request. not bad price either- feels so nice to pamper yourself without breaking the bank!

Review №7


Salon Euphoria is THE BEST! Ive been a loyal customer for three years now and this team is top notch. Sarah Clover is the master of taming curls and Rachel Bonner runs a smooth ship. Hair problems? This salon will get you covered, dyed, trimmed, and waxed. Kudos!

Review №8


I have been coming here for about 4 years. I love all the services I receive!! My hair is the healthiest its ever been. Its a pampering experience, and the employees are so friendly and seem like a family. If you dont have a hair place to call your own try here you will love it!!

Review №9


I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do with my hair exactly but the staff were wonderful and helped me out. The hair cut and dye looks better than I thought it would! Their products also leave my hair feeling healthier and looking better.

Review №10


Absolutely love Salon Euphoria! The atmosphere is very relaxing, the products are wonderful and the staff is phenomenal! Rachael is always patient, kind, and meets the request of her clients. I am always satisfied.