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3.2 (199 comments)

Review №1


These people dont know what theyre doing. I had my existing tires swapped to a new set of rims for my 1988 Pontiac Firebird and i kept getting flats because they were leaking from the valve stems and they never changed them even though i had paid for new ones. I had gone in to address the issue and when the tech was taking my wheels off i had informed him that the rims are staggered, 2 rims are front only and 2 rims are rear only because they had different offsets. The tech understood this but when he was done and i was driving off i heard a scrapping noise. I stopped and looked under the car and saw the front driver rim scraping against the tierod, he had placed a rear only rim in the front. I went back into the store to address this new issue and asked what will be done about my damaged rim. The service advisor told me nothing will be done other than offer me a free oil change because my car is a classic and the rims arent new. Dont take your car here, they damage it and not take responsibility for it.

Review №2


Very disappointing!! I made an appointment online,I made the appointment at the latest time available, my husband needed an alignment and tire balancing.The online system allowed me to make an appointment at 7pm, my husband got out of work early to make it to the appointment only to get there and be told the guy who takes care of alignments leaves at 5:30 and that I should be calling to make the appointment instead. If the alignment guy leaves at 5:30 everyday that’s no problem but don’t let us customers make an appointment online for a service that’s not available after a certain time. The customer service person did not offer an apology or to make an appointment for another time.It was a waste of my time and I’m sorry I recommended pep boys to my husband.

Review №3


Took my car in to get my alignment/suspension inspected so that I could get the necessary repairs done to it. I was here for five and a half hours in total. I noticed that I wasnt the only person waiting around to get work done for hours either. In the end, the manager--who was pretty actively keeping everyone in the shop updated about the vehicle except me-- ended up tossing my issue aside to be dealt with by someone who was obviously new. I did get an alignment without any necessary repairs though-- not that I asked for that to be done. I dont understand why this place is still open. It seems like they arent capable of communicating with customers well or getting things done.

Review №4


I scheduled my appointment online on 4/22 and even came in a few minutes early and still waited over 3 hours just for an oil change and tire rotation. At least with Jiffy Lube, you are in and out in 20 minutes. Never approached about what the hold up was. What is the point of scheduling an appointment when you just end up waiting for hours. I generally do not like giving bad reviews about a place and try to give a benefit of doubt, but unless things improve with customer service, this issue will always continue.

Review №5


Bad experience,Ridiculous waiting time for an oil change, bad costumer service, practically they ignore you.Dont waist your time , look for some better place ;costumers deserve better service.At least tell the costumers about the ridiculous waiting time and that way costumers can decide if we want to wait that long or leave.

Review №6


Great people, I went in at 8AM. Most importantly they did NOT trick to upsell me anything along with the oil change.Choose Service Manager as Jesus or Israel Sanchez. They are good to work with for car service.

Review №7


This place deserves 0 stars! My fiancé took her car here to get tires... WORSE DECISION EVER! To make a long story, short... I contacted the customer service and received case #817790. I was told a Field Officer will contact me in 48 hours. That didnt happen. I called again and told the representative to advise the Field Officer to leave a voice-mail if Im away from my phone. Again, that didnt happen. Now a full 7 days has passes. I call customer service to escalate my case above the Field Officer. Now my fiancé gets a call from the manager offering a free oil change. She refuses... why would she want service at the same place where the technicians and other workers STOPPED WORKING TO EAT BREAKFAST AN HOUR AFTER THE STORE JUST OPENED! ALSO, WHERE THE TECHNICIAN TOOK 1 HOUR TO CHANGE ONE VALVE STEM *THEY DIDNT REPLACE THE VALVE STEMS WHEN THEY MOUNTED THE NEW TIRES* Yesterday May 2, 2022 I called again and was told an Area Manager would call me... that didnt happen either. So now I must post this long demonstration of the neglect, disarray and basic disregard of customer service from this establishment.

Review №8


I was having an issue with my tire. I was a distance from whete I live. They took me in without an appointment found the problem and fixed it. Everyone was polite and helpful.

Review №9


My experience was horrible! I waited over 80 MINUTES to have a pre-ordered tire put on. They texted me and told me my truck was ready while it was still in the air. After it was moved it to the parking lot, no one called to check me out; I had to go and REQUEST to be checked out, only to pull off and have my engine light come on. When I went back inside to inquire what happened, they told me my light was already on (which was untrue).Oh, it gets better! While sitting and waiting for my truck back, I was asked to move while they sprayed for bugs.

Review №10


This pep boys location is a scam.. the employees are not knowledgeable about auto repairs.. they do not fully inspect your vehicle. They also will charge you for work that didnt do om your vehicle.. I was charged for a wheel alignment that they didnt do.. My steering wheel is still not straight and my vehicle pulls to the right.. I told the Manager Isreal that they didnt do a alignment and he said they do the alignments before they install the new tires and refused to give me a refund.. I am still trying to get refunded the 100$ but they wont refund it cause they claimed they did the alignment. Isreal said my alignment is under warranty and they can realign it but his alignment machine is down.. STAY AWAY FROM THESE LAZY PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST TRYING TO STEAL YOUR MONEY!!!!!

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