NorthShore Immediate Care Center - Chicago at Sauganash in Chicago


Phone: +1 773-293-8788
Opening hours
  • Monday:9AM–6:45PM
  • Tuesday:9AM–6:45PM
  • Wednesday:9AM–6:45PM
  • Thursday:9AM–6:45PM
  • Friday:9AM–6:45PM
  • Saturday:8AM–4:45PM
  • Sunday:8AM–4:45PM
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3.2 (54 comments)

Review №1


The receptionist has an attitude with the patients. I’ve noticed it about three times I’ve visited. No smile. Just Attitude. When she was talking to her colleagues within , she’s so nice. If anything, can you be kind to people who are walking in sick? Just a simple valuable trait can make a huge difference in someone’s life. This visit was 5/4 1:30pm.

Review №2


Receptionist lack manners. The front desk needs to be trained in a professional healthcare manner. There are 2 women that we’ve come across and both had attitudes as if they work at Walmart. They’re aggravated that you walk in and speak rudely. Once you get passed the front end the Dr’s, nurses/Medical assists are great.

Review №3


I wish I could type in more than 5 stars. The technician/nurse and doctor were absolutely caring and so courteous. My medical concern was dealt with in a very professional manner. Thank you for your concern.

Review №4


Agree with the other client that the receptionist here treats patients poorly. Rude, self centered and unprofessional. While waiting we see consistent rude treatment of each person who approaches the counter. This is NorthShore level?

Review №5


Horrible horrible experience. Receptionist (Janet?) treated us with disrespect and ended up kicking us out! I had a 78 year old sick father with me. Not only was this horrible service but it is a potential liability for Northshore to send away a sick person. She was rude from the moment we walked in. Unprofessional and disrespectful. She needs to be fired.

Review №6


Front lady was friendly on the phone and when I came in. Nurses were all very professional, as good as or better than ones at a Northwestern Memorial Immediate Care I go to as well, and they helped my ill 15-month-old son a lot. I waited less than 10 minutes to be seen. The wait time at Northwestern Memorial Immediate Care that day would have been around 2 hours I was told. I live in Sauganash, so I saved driving time too. Other people complain about rudeness, but then when I look at their profiles they look vain or banal anyway, so take their feedback with a grain of salt.

Review №7


Extremely friendly staff! Very helpful and great with kids. My 5 year old son had a minor emergency and they took very good care of him. He wasn’t afraid and I would definitely come here again! Booking the appointment was easy and we were on our way home an hour after we called to make the appointment.

Review №8


I have been taking my kids and my wife to this clinic for many years. The staff and customer service are great! With or without an emergency , they are there for you . They listen and promptly respond to your needs. Not to mention Dr. Maloul’s great experience taking care of my family’s health for many years! She’s awesome and my kids cooperate and love her! I have to mention and thank Precious for professionally taking care of us and the front desk service and for the super friendly demeanor! Sam, you are great! thank you everyone for caring and making sure patients are well taken care of because really when patients come to you, they are not feeling well , they can be in pain, they really need you to be there for them. Keep up the great work!

Review №9


This is the worst urgent care experience Ive ever had. Go to aayu or physicians if you need anything. I had an e visit for a stomach ache. Simply needed a quick visit and a return to work letter. I had my appointment on Friday, yet Monday I had to rush to this location because they couldnt get me a 3 sentence letter any other way than handing me a letter after an e visit. They couldnt get the letter accessible through their app. They told me that I couldnt get the letter emailed to me because it was a hipaa violation, which is completely made up. So they called me with 15 minutes left in their business day to pick up a simple letter. Insane. They were hesitant to even tape the letter outside their door. I made it, but I would warn anyone to avoid this place. These are not adults.

Review №10


I was seeing Dr Dzwinyk on 7/9 for shots and planning knee surgery. Everything was fine there, and he is very caring as was his assistant. As I was leaving, I decided to use the women’s bathroom. As I opened the door, a health care worker in green scrubs was just coming out not wearing a mask. Even though I had a mask on, the woman’s face was inches from mine. I should have reported this, but my mind was on my knees and surgery. After being in places that have been very careful, Walgreens, CVS, my dollar store, and my hairdresser a month ago, it would be pretty bad if I contacted Covid at a health care facility. I wish to add that I had a mammogram at Swedish Hospital on 6/2 where great cate was taken to keep me safe.

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