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Phone: +1 630-851-3333
Opening hours
  • Monday:10AM–6PM
  • Tuesday:10AM–6PM
  • Wednesday:10AM–6PM
  • Thursday:10AM–6PM
  • Friday:10AM–6PM
  • Saturday:10AM–6PM
  • Sunday:10AM–4PM
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Total reviews rating 3.2

43 Reviews for Lee Beauty Supply 2023:

Review №1


You will find tons of items but it is a bit over crowded over all the owner is very nice and helpfulGood lighting to look aroundTons of value products

Review №2


Gotta definitely be prepared to look for your hair, but its cool plus lots and lots of hair. Ive been in plenty of beauty supplies where they profile u and follow you around. These places dont realize that without buyers, they would go bankrupt. Not Mr Lee. Good customer service and selection.

Review №3


I dont know what pictures are posted but the store does not look like that. You can barely see the items because of the boxes and hair piled up in front and the worker came and watched me didnt even ask if I needed assistance. If you gone hover atleast offer assistance seeing that the inside of the store looks like tornado hit

Review №4


The entire store is a fire hazard . I had a stroller and could barely get through the front door. Merchandise is stacked to the ceiling literally. I started getting hot and a lot of anxiety skin had to leave.

Review №5


The place is a disaster! Hardly any room to walk. Not to mention they did have what I was looking for. I dont think they could find it because the lace had piles of products in no order. Very messy and unorganized.

Review №6


This place is so chaotic but it really does have everything you could possibly be looking for and owner Mr. Lee makes the extra time spent searching through piles and racks absolutely worth it. If youve spent time in similar beauty supply places you know that customer service and employee friendliness arent atop the list of their selling points. Mr Lee is unbelievably sweet and goes out of his way to help. I Bought a pair of contacts here for Halloween and when I got to the car I found one of the lenses was torn. I brought them back inside right away and though he was reluctant as he had never seen it happen before he was willing to replace them at a discounted rate. I could just tell he wasnt sure what to make of it and maybe even suspected I was being dishonest for some reason yet he still wanted me to leave a happy customer. I didnt want it to be a total loss for him either and I sincerely appreciated his willingness to work something out.

Review №7


We found Mr. Lee to be very nice. Yes, the store is cluttered, however that told me he had a wide variety of merchandise and its true. The prices are reasonable as well. He even gave me a discount in addition to the affordable prices. Customer service excellent and one example of that was the offer of bottled water, because my mom was hot and light-headed. I received one as well. Reason for 4 stars, I wish his receipts were itemized so I could remember what I paid. This was our 1st visit and it will not be our last. The store is located on South Lake St. close to Galena Ave.

Review №8


Owner was very nice, however based upon the pictures...I was expecting to walk into an establishment that represents what was posted in the pictures. Very cluttered( I have OCD), I had to dig through products to find what I was looking for, kind of regret purchasing my products. I came here due to my area not having a beauty supply, guess I will stick to my preferred supply.

Review №9


Bad . Congested but barely any actual products. The man in there literally sat in the back behind an aisle watching me until the moment I walked out. You want my money & business yet treat me like a thief? Wont be getting my money. Theres a great Sallys on Galena Blvd about 10 minutes from here, ladies. Every thing you need, that Sallys will have it, not this store.

Review №10


More of a wig/weave store then beauty supply store. They didnt have much product, mostly hair. So much hair it covers the shelves and blocks the aisles. Hard to find what youre looking for.