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4.6 (199 comments)

Review №1


I love my John Amico School of Hair Design experience, from top to bottom! I love the staff! I love the students, who are sweet even when nobody is watching, and I love the products which happen to do miracles on my daughters’ hair. I’m all smiles from the moment I walk in until I walk out!

Review №2


We are so excited about our daughters enrollment in the John Amico School of Hair Design in Niles.Our daughter is readying to build a beautiful career and is already taking important steps toward further independence and confidence to allow her the best in life. We are grateful to Ms. Deanna, Mr. Jessie and Ms. Kathy for a seamless process with genuine caring.

Review №3


I came into John Amico unhappy with my hair, and two great students Oliva and Jayla helped me leave with a smile on my face! They we’re efficient, kind and help such a great conversation with me through the time I was styling my hair. I was toning my hair, and whenever they were unsure they would always call over their educator Ms. Diana to make sure that everything was correct so that I can leave with the best possible result! Very great experience!

Review №4


The student who helped me was very nice and pleasant. However, there was plenty of empty chairs and it took over two hours for a shampoo and cut. Had gotten garbage stuck to my shoe from the floor, and there were not enough capes for all the clients. I requested around 3 inches and it looks like they took off at the minimum 7. Had to pretend I had a doctors appointment because the teachers kept walking away and talking amongst themselves. I wish the best to the students but I will not be back here and am very disappointed.

Review №5


If you’re interested in cosmetology, I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend this school. Staff is Extremely unprofessional, you will not receive the education you’re promised. The teachers are the worst people you will ever meet. 1500 hours is a long time to be miserable and to waste. And $20,000 is a lot of money, so spend it wisely. Please choose a much better school. If I could give 0 stars, I would have.

Review №6


I dont blame the students at all. if anything, they deserve to get better quality products to use-- especially on peoples hair. I understand using lesser quality products and such on mannequins but peoples hair-- they should be using professional level products.I liked my hair cut but in terms of hair color, its a costly risk and I recommend against doing any sort of bleaching or hair color. I get that theyre all students at the end of the day and theyre learning but this was especially heinous considering an instructor was approving each was pretty obvious that even the instructors were like 😬😬😬 despite that I was unable to get a refund for just the gray hair color that never stuck. I wasnt even asking for a full refund despite how busted I look now. I just wanted a partial refund because the gray/silver never happened. I paid about $160 and I was only asking for $55 back.I can guarantee you that I will probably be able to tone my hair out at home and with a semi permanent dye I get from Sally’s.In summary:1. there isnt enough teachers for the amount of students there.which is kind of ridiculous considering theres a ton of students paying tuition.2. their in house hair color products are garbage. I feel like box dyes are better than whatever they useThese students are paying tuition and im paying for the products... theres no reason to use cheap products on people.3. you will be there for an unreasonably long time because there arent enough teachers4. Facilities are pretty outdated and im shocked that the owner John Amico hasnt updated their facilities at all. It has a church cafeteria from the 70s written all over it.Again, these students are paying tuition, they should have a better a work environment.5. you wont be able to get a refund even though you didnt get what you asked for.even if they skimped on products and failed to get a colorI suspect that the owner John Amico is making a significant profit off of student tuition just trying to get a solid education and customers assuming theyre going to get a pretty decent hair job. I do not get the feeling that he puts students and employees first. It gives greedy owner and under supported staff and student body

Review №7


Currently a student at John Amico School of Hair Design and I’m loving every moment. Have great teachers/mentors and have learned so much the 7 weeks I’ve been here. I’m looking forward to learning more and working on clients and get better at my work. My favorite currently is Roller Sets

Review №8


I wish I had a Ms. Jamie when I was in school. The students find something very comforting in talking to Ms. Jamie. They trust her and love having her around and close by. She is so polite and kind to everyone. She really lights up the room with her smile.

Review №9


OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE WHAT I SAW TODAY AT JOHN AMICO. A teacher and student was arguing loudly in front of EVERYONE and the teacher actually bumped the student hard and maliciously. Like I seriously cannot believe that happened. I am so disappointed. This school has fallen apart so badly since I first start supporting. Like it’s just straight ghetto now. And my hair was terrible

Review №10


5/25- Second visit in a year. Idk what I did to my hair from the last visit but I was a hot mess express. Today I got my hair done by Brianna. She was amazing she was good to talk to too. Between Brianna and ms. Diana they did an amazing job fixing what was a mess. Absolutely love them. Always refer people to themI went in today hair was pretty rough. Erika fixed me up and made me feel like a whole new woman. I can not 1. Thank her enough for what she did and 2. Give a good enough review for her. She really is amazing. And then on top of the amazing work she did she continously checked in on me to make sure my head was feeling OK. Absolutely amazing. I know once she graduates she will continue to do incredible work!!

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