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Total reviews rating 3.9

21 Reviews for Dependable Maytag Home Appliance 2023:

Review №1


The prices were very competitive and the customer service was outstanding. The man that did the installation was the best that I’ve had in all my years of purchasing appliances and I’m a senior. They were fast and efficient and took the time to answer any questions I had regarding the use of the machine. I would recommend them very highly

Review №2


Almost a year ago we bought a Maytag dishwasher from this place and still after multiple attempts to remedy this defective dishwasher we found that they will not refund our money and we are stuck with this piece of junk dishwasher we were sold by Dependable Maytag in Aurora. They never responded for months to even check out the dishwasher that we found leaking all over our kitchen floor. We are now left with a lot of regrets going into this place for a dishwasher. I will never refer our customers to this company that still displays Maytag on their storefront. Shame Shame Shame. Now we have to get rid of this junk dishwasher and replace it.

Review №3


WORST SERVICE EVER!! Wish I had purchased from a large appliance store. I purchased (and paid in full) a Whirlpool washer, dryer & dishwasher. All works great except the dryer. Used it 1 week after delivery & noticed 2 large dents on the panel. Keep getting told the panel will be replaced & that “it’s only a cosmetic issue”. Well I’m sorry, I don’t want to pay over a $1,000 for an item & have a “cosmetic issue”. My money didn’t have any “cosmetic issues”. I have to unplug it overnight just to (possibly) use it the next day. It gets extremely hot to the touch. It keep telling me to clean the vent even before using it. The vent in the back looks burned out. I’m afraid to continue using it, I’m afraid it might catch a fire. I keep calling & I either don’t get an answer or I’ll be told I’ll get a call back. I’ve been waiting on a new panel since June. Rick came out & inspected it & suggested some things to do about it, did it & its still not working properly. At this point, I’m definitely tired of calling them & they’re probably tired of me calling. I’ve already purchased another dryer from another appliance store, I just need them to come get their defective dryer & refund my card back in full…🤬😡😡Never do business with them again!!

Review №4


This business deserve 10 stars! People there are so knowledgeable, patient, considerate, and helpful. I have purchased all my kitchen appliances from them and couldnt be happier with their products and services! Deanna helped me choose the set, she was super nice and helpful, but the superior service didnt end there. Of all four appliances, three of them had special requirements that they helped me with, without extra charge: 1, I had limited space for my fridge, when I measured it and brought the measurement to purchase, I accidentally discounted the space to actually open the fridge! So when my first choice of fridge was delivered to me, it wont open without hitting the wall... Rick and Deanna not only helped me with a new choice which I love, they also had to haul away the old fridge, took away the new one that didnt work, then put in a loaner fridge until my own could be delivered a week later. 2, I fell in love with a newer design of a microwave, but thought I wouldve had to put in an extra shelf to lower my cabinet in order to install it, so the stores delivery team made an extra trip to take the old microwave, so I could have the space figured out. 3, I had a very old dishwasher, the previous owner of my house replaced all the appliances at one time without touching the dishwasher, so it was as old as the house and hard to deal with! Of all the big box stores I inquired, all told me to get an electrician to re-figure the wiring and put in a plug for them to plug in, which is their definition of install. I had people telling me it will cost me $$$ to bring my house to code. Rick installed the new dishwasher without giving me all sort of grief and without extra overcharge. He is a true expert! And yes, the set includes a beautiful range/stove and it is great. Its been a great experience shopping with the Dependable Maytag in Naperville, I cant recommend them enough!

Review №5


Excellent customer service! I bought a new Traeger grill here, which was a better deal than anywhere else. I discovered upon opening the box that it was badly damaged during shipment. This Maytag location quickly made it right by taking back the damaged grill out of the box and in pieces. They immediately replaced it with free delivery in 1 business day. They are very knowledgeable about Traeger grills, among other appliances Im sure, and sell many great Traeger accessories.

Review №6


My experience was positive across the board:Deanna the sales person worked with me to solve my “ have a small space but want a big fridge problem.” Her efforts to help me make the right decision were above and beyond the average sales person and were greatly appreciated. The installer,Ron did a very efficient and conscientious install of all 3 appliances. He was knowledgeable about the product and able to answer our questions. We loved doing business with a place that exceeded our expectations and that we were able to purchase appliances made in the USA!

Review №7


Opted to stop in to purchase washing machine accessories due to the advertised sale price online. Associate Deanne wanted to charge double the price, was not aware the company had a website and would not honor the price listed online. Very condescending, would not offer any solutions and would have rather lost a customer. Will not be bringing any business back to this company. Don’t waste your time driving here, as any other appliance store will provide better customer service and prices.

Review №8


Yes, indeed Dependable Maytag is in the business of repair not retail or service.I have purchased many appliances from the retailer over the past decade.All of them have had to have major repair or replacement just after the warranty expires.Do not buy from theses guys .They said on the phone that is was not their fault and that they are in the business of repair not honoring a quality product to begin with because they handle so many of them.You are better off with a big box store!At least they wont charge extra to install.Jean

Review №9


Purchased a washer. Owner was sales guy, pleasant and informative. Washer was $100 more than costco, but owner said it qualified for $50 rebate from comed. Since I didnt even think of the rebate, and would rather support local businesses - i bought it from them. Installation was $69 without hoses, $109 with good hoses, Washer (maytag MVWB865GW) was $730 base, tax out the door with installation was $860 (ill buy my own hoses) so $810 with the comed rebate (read on). Costco was $699 installed with hoses. So, it was more expensive for me to buy from them, but installation date was better and, again, local business so ill pay the $110 extra.Well, the washer was miss-stickered in the store and does not qualify as an energy star washer, hence no rebate. I figured it was an honest mistake, but I am not willing to pay $160+ more than costco - so I went back to the store to return the washer. I didnt ask for a discount, figured they would offer it if they wanted my business.Owner not there - instead I it was a blond lady (wife/sister of owner perhaps?). I pleasantly explained that the comed rebate does not apply on this washer as stickered, and costco had it for significantly less so I would like to return it (it was not delivered and not scheduled for delivery for another three days). She looked at the receipt and say since I lived in naperville, i dont have comed. I explained that I live in unincorporated naperville, I do have comed, I applied for the rebate since I had the receipt, it was denied as it wasnt an energy star washer. I further explained that maytags site has the energy rating that shows its not energy star. I told her what costco had it at. She argued that since comeds site lists the washer, it has the rebate. I again explained that I talked to them and that is not the case - they have all the common brands of washers on the site regardless if they are energy star or not. I informed her if she wanted to look at maytags site - it will show it is not energy star rated. She interrupted me multiple times - saying can I finish talking (I didnt interrupt her), explained that does qualify. I stated Ill just buy it at costco as I believe she is incorrect. She asked the price, then stated I must have had too much coffee this AM to me. I didnt understand that comment and thought it to be rude. I told her it was $699 delivered with hoses. She said, well we are not going to deliver it for free. I said, I dont expect you will - nor does costco (im sure they pay their delivery service). She rang up the return, put the receipt on the counter and said - they dont know nothing about installation. good luck with that, then turned around and walked away. Again, I was pleasant the entire time dont understand that rudeness. I was going to point out that her statement was a double negative, which actually meant they do know something - but decided to remain pleasant and left.Based upon this interaction and since I believe the person was related to the owner (not just an employee with no stake in the business) - I will not shop here again nor recommend this place to anybody. So, support you local businesses IF they are not completely rude with customer service. If they are - go to a big box or membership store, they generally are pleasant with service.

Review №10


I bought a new refrigerator with bottom freezer at this store in 2012 because I thought it was better than buying at a big box store. I spent over $1,100 on this refrigerator. I expected my refrigerator to be dependable. The freezer drain is clogged and I read many reviews about this particular Maytag model that this is a common problem. I dont call that very dependable. I will have to call an appliance repair person to fix this - who knows how many times it will need to be fixed since I understand this is a defective part in this Maytag refrigerator. This is the last Maytag product I will ever purchase again. Im sorry I bought a Maytag Washer and Dryer from this store. Since this locally owned store offers nothing different than Home Depot or Lowes, whats the point in giving it my business? I expected a little more customer loyalty and standing behind a product that has the name on the store. Silly and naïve me. It is no wonder the big box stores are running the local stores out of business. The person who spoke to me at the store when I called told me that the store doesnt make the product; it only sells it. The only thing that will surprise me is if my Maytag appliances last more than 5 years.